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Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Tokugawa Ieyasu Act 1

Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Tokugawa Ieyasu Act 1

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Tokugawa Ieyasu Act 1» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

Samurai Love Ballad PARTY (SLBP) Tokugawa Ieyasu Act 1 Walkthrough

Invite Code (Android): 4558274

Other Ieyasu's Story: Act 2


Starter Route

Episode 1: The Sadist's Poison

(ch. 1)

[1] Ask him. (Ieyasu)
[2] Better not risk it.

(ch. 2)

[1] Glare fiercely at Mitsunari. (Ieyasu)
[2] Let Mitsunari have it.

New Diary Story - "Combat Archery"
Letter - "A Word"

Episode 2: Manju

(ch. 1)

[1] Be a better person. (Ieyasu)
[2] Two can play at that game.

Letter - "I Will"

(ch. 2)

[1] And if I did? (Ieyasu)
[2] I might've done.

Episode 3: The Taste of Absolute Victory

(ch. 1)

[1] Why do they have to die?
[2] That's no excuse for murder! (Ieyasu)

(ch. 2)

[1] Well, about that... (Ieyasu)
[2] I'm sorry...

Story Mission "The Bloody Kindred"
Love Route:
 - Lilac Hakama (Item Score +30) - 3 Pearl
Fate Route:
 - Lilac Sandals (Item Score +10) - 1 Pearl / 500 Coin

Letter - "Congratulations!"

If you choose Love Route:
 - New Diary Story 
 - New CG (new Photo) 

Letter - "Debt"
New Diary Story - "The Art of Apothecary"
New Diary Story - "Sengoku-Era Kimono"

Now we can start the main story

Main Route

Episode 4: Lord Ieyasu's New Chef

Unlock "Ieyasu's Basic" Castle Lottery

(ch. 1)

[1] Don't risk it.
[2] Please let me help you... (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] Say nothing.
[2] Tell the truth. (+5)

Story Mission: 100 Skill Points
Letter - "Now, Now..."

Episode 5: With Animals or Children

(ch. 1)

[1] Doesn't matter.
[2] Yes. I want to go home. (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] I should follow him.
[2] He needs to eat. (+5)

Letter - "Chamber Servant"

Episode 6: The Lord's True Heart

(ch. 1)

[1] Lord Ieyasu, are you unwell?
[2] (I knew I could win him over!!) (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] Of course. (+5)
[2] (I don't want to...)

Letter - "The Shame!"

Story Mission "The Metamorphosis"
Love Route:
- Cook's Kimono (Item Score +80) - 8 Pearl
Fate Route:
- Cook's Apron (Item Score +50) - 5 Pearl / 2500 Coin

If you choose Love Route:
 - Letter - "A Warning"
 - New CG (new Photo) 

Episode 7: Getting to Know You

(ch. 1)

[1] (This has to be a trap.)
[2] Tell him. (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] Do I have to say it?
[2] I want you to trust me. (+5)

Story Mission: 8000 Skill Points
Letter - "What a Shock..."

Episode 8: The Petulant Child's Day Out

(ch. 1)

[1] Try to calm him down. (+5)
[2] Stay out of it.

New Diary Story - "Sakakibara Yasumasa"

(ch. 2)

[1] It's just hot!
[2] (This is kind of embarrassing...) (+5)

Letter - "What's Wrong with You?"

Story Mission "Lord Nobunaga's Tournament"
Love Route:
- Archer's Kimono (Item Score +100) - 12 Pearl
Fate Route:
- Archer's Quiver (Item Score +80) - 8 Pearl / 4000 Coin

If you choose Love Route:
 - Letter - "Victory"
 - New CG (new Photo) - "An Intrigued Heart"

Episode 9: Vague Replies

(ch. 1)

[1] No way, I don't want to die now.
[2] What's the worst that could happen? (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] Are you sure?
[2] Thank you. (+5)

Letter - "Never Again"

Episode 10: The Taste of Compassion

(ch. 1)

[1] Do you think I'm not worthy?
[2] How are you going to eat? (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] It's delicious, but... (+5)
[2] What did you put in this?!

Letter - "Sleep"

Story Mission: 25000 Skill Points

Episode 11: The Farewell Kiss

(ch. 1)

[1] I'll be fine.
[2] Of course, I won't be. (+5)

Unlock "Ieyasu's" Castle Lottery

(ch. 2)

[1] (I'm afraid of what he'll do...)
[2] I want to go to him. (+5)

New Diary Story - "Strawberry Daifuku"
Letter - "I Trust You"

Episode 12: The Fate of Traitors

(ch. 1)

[1] You pitiful dog!
[2] How dare you hurt Lord Ieyasu! (+5)

New Diary Story - "Betrayal"

(ch. 2)

[1] I'm sorry. (+5)
[2] But you still came for me, didn't you?

Letter - "Good for you"

Episode 13: Returning Home

Letter - "The Book"
New CG (new Photo) - "Seductive Whispers"
Letter - "If you really want it"

Total cost route

If you buy only premium stuff: 23 Perls

If you buy only normal stuff: 7000 Coins

About Tokugawa Ieyasu

The Archer of Tokai Tokugawa Ieyasu, Samurai Love Ballad PARTY (full walkthrough)

A man who will use anything and anyone... that is Tokugawa Ieyasu. Manipulative and unforgiving, all men are his pawns... But can you become his queen?

Birthday: January 31
Height: 5'9'' (176 cm)
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Favorite Food: Ichigo Daifuku
Master of Arrows

Voice: Yuki Kaji

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Tokugawa Ieyasu Act 1» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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