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Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Oda Nobunaga «Unification»

Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Oda Nobunaga «Unification»

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Oda Nobunaga «Unification»» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

Samurai Love Ballad PARTY (SLBP) Oda Nobunaga Act 3 «Unification» Walkthrough

Invite Code (Android): 4558274

Other Nobunaga's Story: Act 1 and Act 2


Episode 1: A New Life In Danming

(ch. 1)

[1] Your cruelty made me do it.
[2] It was an act of desperation! (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] I liked the konpeito we made. (+5)
[2] That's not what I asked you.

Episode 2: A Letter From Home

(ch. 1)

[1] What did he say?
[2] Do you mind if I read it? (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] What did he say?
[2] Do you mind if I read it? (+5)

Episode 3: The Man He Was

(ch. 1)

[1] I'll always be on your side.
[2] I want to do what I can to help. (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] At least tell me how to flavor it.
[2] Be ready to taste everything I make. (+5)

Story Mission "Memories of the Sacrificed"
Splendor Route: 
 - Moonlight Blossom Ruqun (Item Score +100) - 10 Pearl
Love Route: 
 - Lavender Blossom Ruqun (Item Score +80) - 8 Pearls
Fate Route: 
 - Danming Silk Shawl (Item Score +40) - 5 Pearls / 2500 Coins

Episode 4: Oda Nobunaga Still Lives

(ch. 1)

[1] Let's play hide and seek then. (+5)
[2] If you'd let me out of the house...

(ch. 2)

[1] Even so, I'm glad to be here. (+5)
[2] Feelings are hard, aren't they?

Episode 5: The Decision

(ch. 1)

[1] I didn't say that.
[2] Never....  (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] Nobu, language.  (+5)
[2] You're glad to see him too. Aren't you?

Mission: 23800 Skill Points

Episode 6: On Familiar Ground

(ch. 1)

[1] He's glad you and I survived. (+5)
[2] He just needed someone to talk to.

(ch. 2)

[1] Let's just go see Lord Mitsuhide.
[2] Do we have somewhere else to go?  (+5)

Episode 7: Uprisings Exposed

(ch. 1)

[1] Go see what's going on.  (+5)
[2] Get out while you can.

(ch. 2)

[1] It's good it hasn't spread.  (+5)
[2] I'm glad we found somewhere safe.

Story Mission "The Past Comes For Us All"
Splendor Route: 
 - Konpeito Nights Traveler's Hakama (Item Score +120) - 16 Pearl
Love Route: 
 - Konpeito Traveler's Hakama (Item Score +100) - 12 Pearls
Fate Route: 
 - Scarlet Sugar Parasol (Item Score +18) - 8 Pearls / 4000 Coins

Episode 8: To Azuchi Castle

(ch. 1)

[1]  I'm going to help them. (+5)
[2] You have to do something!

(ch. 2)

[1] They're looking for you.
[2] We need to get out of here unseen, I take it? (+5)

Mission: 37000 Skill Points

Episode 9: The Shadow of Oda Nobunaga

(ch. 1)

[1] Shall I make something for you? (+5)
[2] Will you join me for a walk?

(ch. 2)

[1] Aren't you being cruel?
[2] They need your help! (+5)

Episode 10: The Burdens of the Present

(ch. 1)

[1] I let Lord Ieyasu have it!
[2] See where this goes. (+5)

(ch. 2)

[1] (Can I tell him?) (+5)
[2] Nothing really.

Episode 11

Total cost route

If you buy only premium (love) stuff: 20 Perls

If you buy only normal stuff: 6500 Coins

About Oda Nobunaga

Now living as black-market arms traders in Danming, you and the reformed "Nobu" enjoy a new, peaceful life. However, news of those you left behind offers a different fate. Will Oda Nobunaga rise once more in glory, or rest in peace at last...?

More information in Act 1 and Act 2.

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Oda Nobunaga «Unification»» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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