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Dia AkediaCourt of Darkness. The Melancholy Songbird

Dia Akedia

Dia Akedia's BirthdayDecember 9

About Dia Akedia

Court of Darkness. The Melancholy Songbird Dia Akedia

Akedian Aristocrat
Middle Name: ???
Height: 5'7'' (171 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58kg)
Personality: snapping, reclusive
Indulgence: anything with mushrooms
Pastime: reading, indoor games

Favorite Place: ???
Favorite Food: ???
Favorite Item: ???

Voice: Taichi Ichikawa


Despite possessing a voice as beautiful as his face, he avoids other people at all costs. As you cautiously convince him to open up, his dark past at last comes to light. Will you be able to free him of the curse that holds him captive?

«Leave at once unless you have business with me» - Dia Akedia


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