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Kogoro KatsuraDestined to Love. The Rebel on the Run

Kogoro Katsura

Kogoro Katsura's BirthdayAugust 11

About Kogoro Katsura

Destined to Love. The Rebel on the Run Kogoro Katsura

Height: 5' 10''
Likes:  Hmm? That's a secret
Dislikes: People who give mixed signals


A heroic warrior from Choshu who was strong ambitions.

The Shinsen-gumi are constantly pursuing him, yet he stays in Kyoto to achieve his goals.

For some reason, he gets along well with Okubo, despite them being polar opposites.

His cheerful nature hides a secret that you may yet come to know.

«It's almost as if fate has brought us together.» - Kogoro Katsura

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