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Lance IraCourt of Darkness. The Arden Loner

Lance Ira

Lance Ira's BirthdayApril 18

About Lance Ira

Court of Darkness. The Arden Loner Lance Ira

Prince of Ira
Middle Name: Vladislav
Height: 6'1'' (184 cm)
Weight: 157 lbs (71 kg)
Personality: wild, lone wolf
Indulgence: hot peppers, pickles
Pastime: drinking, smoking

Favorite Place: Forest of animals
Favorite Food: ???
Favorite Item: ???

Voice: Tasuku Hatanaka


Never one to attend lectures, he has a reputation as an unapproachable rebel. When fate swiftly pulls you two closer, you uncover the scars of his past.

He knows the horror of losing someone dear, but will he be able to save you?

«Stay well away for your own good» - Lance Ira


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S3: died saving him

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