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Ruggie BucchiDisney Twisted-Wonderland. A long-suffering runt

Ruggie Bucchi

Ruggie Bucchi's BirthdayApril 18

About Ruggie Bucchi

Disney Twisted-Wonderland. A long-suffering runt Ruggie Bucchi

cv: Aoi Ichikawa

Grade/Class: Sophomore / Class B (No.2)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Age: 17
Height: 171cm
Domination Hand: Right
Homeland: Sunset Savanna
Club: Spelldrive Club
Best Subject: Animal Linguistics
Hobbies: Part-time jobs
Pet Peeves: Losses
Favorite Food: Donuts
Least Favorite Food: Anything rotten
Talent: Fishing

Savanaclaw Dorm. Twisted fromThe Lion King.

A long-suffering runt who spends most of his time cleaning up Leona's messes, both literally and figuratively. Raised in a poor environment, he gets downright shameless when it comes to food.

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