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Liam Evans
Liam Evans

Liam Evans's Birthday

September 6 🎉🎉🎉

About Liam Evans

Ikemen Villains

The Irresistibly Charming Cheshire Cat

Cursed by The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
Height: 179cm
VA: Kotaro Nishiyama

Affiliation: Crown
Hobbies: Hair styling, latte art
Skills: Acting, singing
Likes: Anything not sweet
Dislikes: Sweet things in general
Resents: Nothing
Weapon: Daggers

A young, spirited, and attractive member of Crown. In between his duties, he works as a stage actor. 

Although he charms everyone around him without effort, there are times when he seems lost to loneliness…

"Curiosity killed the cat. I wonder what'll end up killing me…"

Route rating:

Looking for a cute but tragic cat boy? Bitter-sweetness with your angst? Someone who'll shower you in roses one moment and stab someone for you the next?

He'll do anything to win your praise; just be careful when it comes to some of his more… "curious" urges.

He's a bright and shining star destined to burn out, but just how fast and how far will you let him fall…?

CW: Deals w/themes of self-harm and suicide

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