Ikemen Villains

Ikemen Villains
Ikemen Villains

About the game

Release Date: April 9, 2024
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Developer: CYBIRD Inc


Original title: ヴィランと恋する恋愛ゲーム乙女ゲーム

You've stumbled upon a secret organization whose cursed members use their ill-fated powers to serve Her Majesty the Queen. Unfortunately for you, you’ve now witnessed their brutal crimes...

You'll have to tread carefully as you work alongside the nine sinister yet gorgeous villains. Because if you let your heart get lured into their wicked fairytales, that love might just drive you as mad as them.

Find out just how bad you can become, and enjoy a sweet, dark, thrilling, and interactive romance novel!

Ikemen Villains: Wrapped in Wicked Romance is the newest addition to CYBIRD’s hit Ikemen Series otome games! If you enjoyed Midnight Cinderella, Ikemen Prince, Ikemen Sengoku, Ikemen Revolution, and Ikemen Vampire, get ready for another romantic phenomenon that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Free to download! Enjoy a vibrant, exciting romance complete with engaging music, gorgeous illustrations, and character voices. Receive 5 Free Chapter Tickets each day to progress through the story.

Discover more about his wicked ways and have all your secret desires fulfilled as you find your very own villainous otome love!

Character list

These villains voiced by some of Japan's most popular voice actors!

Recommended for those who…

Players who like anime otome games, and are:

Have never played an otome love game, but are:

Walkthroughs and Guides Ikemen Villains

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