Rio VoleriCourt of Darkness. The Affable Optimist

Rio Voleri
Rio Voleri

Rio Voleri's Birthday

May 16 🎉🎉🎉

About Rio Voleri

Court of Darkness. The Affable Optimist

Prince of Voleri.
Middle name: Armand
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 170 lbs
Personality: earnest, independent
Indulgence: hamburgers, doughnuts
Pastime: eating, exercising

Favorite Place: The Academy Garden
Favorite Food: Eternal Doughnuts
Favorite Item: His dagger

Voice: Shugo Nakamura


«Don't be glum. Want some food...?» - Rio Voleri

Book 1:

Voracious of appetite and kind to everyone, he brings sunlight to the lives of those around him. Though he knows nothing of romance before, you've planted the seeds of brand new emotions within him.

Will you encourage them to bloom?

Book 2:

You and Rio have grown in love and as people, but your peaceful days are interrupted when Rio siiks to master ancient magic.

He's striving for ideals that threaten to destroy him, and only you can see him through this.


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