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Shinsaku TakasugiDestined to Love. The Dangerously Sevy Outlaw

Shinsaku Takasugi

Shinsaku Takasugi's BirthdaySeptember 12

About Shinsaku Takasugi

Destined to Love. The Dangerously Sevy Outlaw Shinsaku Takasugi

Height: 5' 9''
Likes:  You really think I'm going to tell you?
Dislikes: For starters - you


A warrior from Choshu who fled his domain and is now hiding out in Kyoto.

He has dangerous ideas and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. There are rumors that he and Kirisato are old friends but no one knows more than that. 

He may try to get close to you in order to use you.

«You belong to me.» - Shinsaku Takasugi

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