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Toa QelsumCourt of Darkness. The Immaculate Adept

Toa Qelsum

Toa Qelsum's BirthdayJuly 13

About Toa Qelsum

Court of Darkness. The Immaculate Adept Toa Qelsum

Prince of Qelsum.
Middle name: Clark
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 159 lbs (72 kg)
Personality: Cool-headed, contrary
Indulgence: Sweets (caramels)
Pastime: Toyng with his chess opponents and observing their reactions, reading

Favorite Place: the music room
Favorite Food: caramels
Favorite Item: pocketwatch

Voice: Arthur Lounsbery


"You think you can escape me? Hardly" - Toa Qelsum

Book 1:

Forever composed and sparing with his expressions, he is a model student with a nigh-perfect grasp of every situation. However, emotion-free of reason resides beyond the walls he has built up inside, and only you can knock them down...

Book 2:



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S5: Complains about Knight's cooking but will eat it anyway.

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