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Tokugawa IeyasuSamurai Love Ballad: PARTY (SLBP). The Archer of Tokai

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Tokugawa Ieyasu's BirthdayJanuary 31

About Tokugawa Ieyasu

Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY (SLBP). The Archer of Tokai Tokugawa Ieyasu

Height: 5'9'' (176 cm)
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Favorite Food: Ichigo Daifuku
Master of Arrows

Voice: Yuki Kaji


Act 1:

A man who will use anything and anyone... that is Tokugawa Ieyasu. Manipulative and unforgiving, all men are his pawns... But can you become his queen?

Act 2:

When Ieyasu is inspired to pursue Divine Rule, he finds that its burdens are too great for one man to bear... Still, he presses on, but what new world truly awaits him...?

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