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Toshizo HijikataDestined to Love. The Fierce Lieutenant

Toshizo Hijikata

Toshizo Hijikata's BirthdayMay 31

About Toshizo Hijikata

Destined to Love. The Fierce Lieutenant Toshizo Hijikata

Height: 5'' 8'
Likes: Tortoises, only tortoises
Dislikes: Stop asking me stupid questions


The Shinsengumi lieutenant. He is cooly decisive, and has sometimes been called "The Demon". Though he finds most things bothersome, yet he's always helping put the other samurai. He can sometimes be seen working seriously at his desk with his glasses on. He sleeps light and wakes at the slightest noise, but perhaps he'll be different around you

"You're such a pain in the butt" - Toshizo Hijikata

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