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Blood Domination // BL

Blood Domination // BL

The controlling "Dom" and the dependent "Sub" - these are "the second genders" of the vampires.

When vampires of two different second-genders meet, they can establish a "bond contract".

Located in a spacious land in a mountain recess is "Eclair Gymnasium Academy", a school where young vampires experience youth. The academy teaches its students about "bond contract" and requires them to find someone to be their contract partner for a limited amount of time.

With the goal of sealing a "bond contract", blood leads these students to their fated pairs...

Character list:

  1. Izayoi - a delinquent who comes from a noble family and acts indifferent toward the idea of forming a contract.
  2. Uzuki - a vampire of an ordinary lineage
  3. Takamine - a broad-minded guy of an ordinary lineage
  4. Chihaya - a vampire with the attitude of a "queen". He comes from a noble family who highly values pedigree.
  5. Gingetsu
  6. Kasumi
  7. Narumi
  8. Mizuho
  9. Kazuha
  10. Yuugiri


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