Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~

Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~
Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~

About the game

Release Date: August 7, 2018
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Developer: Otomedou & Abracadabra Inc

Original title: Oujitachi to Mayonaka no Kiss ~Tsuki no Princess~ or 달의 공주 궁극


You arrived at negotiation in a foreign country with remanents of the Middle Ages. Night has fallen by the time the end of the negotiations, and you wander into a palace as you follow the moon home…… Suddenly, chosen by the Princess of the Moon you are to choose the next King that will lead the three kingdoms–!?

Before the fated day, you are to live together with the prince for 3 months and take lessons to become a true princess. Furthermore, you have to perform a secret role to the princes on a night with a full moon…?!

Which prince are you going to choose?

Character list:

Game System

Princess of the Moon is a novel-type game with beautiful illustrations that leave your heart pounding. Read up to 5 chapters for free every day with Scenario Tickets that are distributed every day.

Walkthroughs and Guides Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~

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