Love Spell: Written In The Stars

Love Spell: Written In The Stars
Love Spell: Written In The Stars

About the game

Release Date: June 22, 2023
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy
Developer: Great Gretuski

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy

Language: English

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DLC #1: Love Spell: Aslan's Story 
Release Date: November 2, 2022

Story & Setting

After saving the life of a mysterious old woman, a young girl is gifted a magical spell book with the power to make anyone whose name she writes inside of it fall madly in love with her until the next full moon. Unbeknownst to the book's secret, she goes about her day and experiences a series of crappy events leading to a long, tiring afternoon.

In an effort to drown her sorrows and forget her troubles, she decides to visit the town's pub and gets drunk... only for the notebook and a pen to fall right into her lap as she does.

Love Spell is a romantic-comedy otome game about spells, adventures, penguins, and the greatest magic of all: true love!

It also is the debut project of Great Gretuski Studios.

DLC #1: Story & Setting

Follow Luna's adventure through different worlds when she accidentally ends up chasing the mysterious pink-haired wizard named Aslan through a magical portal and straight into a parallel universe!

​Meet new and old faces alike as you venture together with Philia, Aslan, and an adorable new little penguin named Merlow, Aslan's own familiar, as you set off on a quest to find a way to get you home.

Aslan's Route welcomes both new & old players from the main series as his story continues right from the end of the original game's prologue! (Though, we really recommend playing Love Spell: Written in The Stars first to fully enjoy all the easter eggs and familiar faces you'll encounter along the way!)



Zodiac: Cancer 
Occupation: Student

The heroine of the story.

A small-town girl living alone.

 She doesn't have a clear, defined vision of her future yet and it's something she struggles woth a lot.

💜 She has notoriously bad luck in love...


Zodiac: Pisces
Occupation: Student

Your childhood best friend.

A dependable and loyal friend who has always been by your side... the same one that also has no idea that he broke your heart.

💜 He loves video games and anime!


Zodiac: Scorpio
Occupation: Professor

Your devilish professor.

A handsome and popular university professor that's also a famous archaeologist. But he's actually... a wolf in sheep's clothing?!

💜 He runs only on caffeine and spite


Zodiac:  Virgo
Occupation: Barista

A new face (?) in town.

A new cheerful and energetic barista that started working at your favorite coffee shop!

For some reason... he looks kinda familiar?

💜 He loves, loves, loves cats!


Zodiac:  Aries
Occupation: Entrepreneur?

A totally rude jerk!?

A headstrong stranger who bumps into you on your way home one day.

He doesn't seem to be from around here... but he's totally suspicious!!!

💜 He also looks like he's totally rich...


Occupation: A Magical Penguin!

The mascot of the story.

An adorable yet mischievous little penguin that accompanies you on your journey! She has a penchant for stirring up trouble!

💜 Her FAVORITE FOOD is cheese!


DLC #1: Love Spell: Aslan's Story 

Zodiac:  Capricorn
Occupation: Wizard

The mysterious bartender.

A young man who works at the town's local pub, but legend has it... that no one has ever seen him outside of the pub. What's his secret?

💜 The first DLC Route for Love Spell!


DLC #1: Love Spell: Aslan's Story 

Occupation: A Magical Penguin!

Aslan's trusty partner!

A grumpy, nagging familiar that takes the form of a pocketwatch.

He's ever loyal to Aslan and is old friend with Philia.

💜 He's got a short temper! Careful!

New Features!

Love Spell now features a variety of new game-based interactions to increase the level of storytelling added in from the recent and giant FREE update, "The Starlight Update", such as:

You can keep our MC’s default name, Luna, or take the lead in the story yourself with a custom name!

Each route in this story was written as a different literary genre featuring a different guy! Whether your cup of tea is the drama involved in romancing a childhood friend or a heart-racing adventure on an expedition with your professor—or even more—the choice is yours to make!

The heroine herself and her interests also differ slightly from story to story, so you’ll have to play all of the routes to experience the full picture!

Alongside manual save slots, our game uses a "Navigate" feature which allows players to revisit previously unlocked chapters in the story through an auto-save function. With the navigation feature, you can easily go back in time and change any choice—or revisit any steamy kiss scenes...

Each route features a special chapter where the story is told from your lover’s perspective. See the world and experience his feelings about you through his very eyes!

Romantic CGs & Adorably Animated Chibi CGs: In the more intimate moments of your relationship, experience what his embrace feels like firsthand with beautiful CG illustrations, or share a laugh with the animated chibis!

Take control of your destiny by picking firsthand what you say or do in the story-- but be careful, the wrong choice could lead to a terrible fate!

The Good, The Bad, and The Epilogues can all be unraveled through your choices in the story! Determine your own fate and decide on your own ending!

Additionally, there's loads more Post-Game fun to explore and unlock in the game's new interactive gallery including Bachelor Profiles, more CGs, and Post-Game side stories!

Walkthroughs and Guides Love Spell: Written In The Stars

Empty, but something will be added soon! ^_^

Last Events & News Love Spell: Written In The Stars

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