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Love Spell: Written In The Stars released on Steam

Love Spell: Written In The Stars released on Steam

Hi everyone!

A couple of days ago, I started reading the new novel “Love Spell: Written in the Stars“ (release date: June 22, 2023). 

As usual, after the prologue, I ran all the characters’ routes (only ep. 1) one by one to decide which character to start. 

The prologue was fun, very much so. But I didn’t even suspect that because of this game, I would roll under the table  🤣🤣🤣  Right now I’m reading Enix’s route and a smile does not leave my face (I’m not even talking about constant laughter attacks, hahaha). 

The game “Love Spell: Written in the Stars” is not without reason that it is classified as a romance AND comedy genre. They are incredibly intertwined, complementing each other and creating cute, fun, and memorable moments.

“Love Spell: Written on the Stars“ is incredibly cool, so I recommend it. You definitely won’t regret it~ 

Demo version: Itch.io

Buy on:

In general, very soon I will prepare all the material for passing all the routes and upload it to the site~ 

I took a lot of screenshots from the game and will try to restrain my spoiler nature

More information on the game page: plot, where to buy, DLC, etc.

UPDATE: there are not only funny jokes, but tears and complicated feelings too!

The "Milestone Goals" campaign

The latest information about achieved Goals is on the official website: gretuskigames.com

Love Spell: Written In The Stars released on Steam | CapiOra

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