Aqua Romance

Aqua Romance
Aqua Romance

About the game

Release Date: October, 2023
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance
Developer: LucyDream, ENP Games


"Are you shy? Then how will you do it on the first night?"

They live in the palace of deep sea, where no one know!

Unfold the secrets of those men in the dangerous yet tempting underwater!

In front of the hidden secrets of the sea, can you forge your destiny and protect your connections?

Solve the unsolved mysteries of the Palace of Mermaids and choose your own ending!

About the game

Presented by Storytaco and E&P Games, "Aqua Romance" is a unique high-level romance otome game.

It is a modern fantasy interactive choice game where you can immerse yourself in an enchanting universe filled with thrilling twists.

Write your own romance story in """"Aqua Romance""""!

(Note: Every choice you make changes the fate of the characters.)

Game's story

"...I'm the heir of the King?"

After failing in your career and returning to your hometown, four charming men and women appear in front of you.

Set aside the hope for a miracle.

Your promise to embark on a new path with excited hearts becomes meaningless, as you find yourself at a crossroads of life-altering decisions.

A grand and beautiful palace beneath the sea strech out in front of your eyes, slowly revealing secrets and hidden stories of the mermaid royal family...

And the mermaids who are vying for you start to reveal their true self!

Character list


"I will never let anyone take you from me" - Your First Love, Jayden

#BrightSunshine #PuppyLike #Submissive


"C-can... you... love me... more?" - Aristocrat, Arthur

#UnexpectedCharm #ShyGuy #Redeeming Love


"Right now, what matters is that I need you." - Mysterious Figure, Kai

#Mysterious #BadBoy #ForbiddenRomance


"I'm unarmed in front of you!" - Childhood Friend, Chloe

#ToughGirl #PassionateCharacter #GrowthRomance

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21:57 October 05, 2023

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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