Darling Pet

Darling Pet
Darling Pet

About the game

Release Date: February 8, 2022
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Pet, Transformation
Developer: LucyDream

Official Webpage: lucydream.kr
Twitter: @lucydreamgame
Facebook: lucydreamgames


Darling Pet is a visual-novel-based romantic simulator game featuring attractive illustrations and high-quality sound effects. Users' choices decide the whole plot of the story, especially how the ending will be illustrated. The game's hidden episodes and thrilling plots maximize the curiosity and the excitement that the users get to feel when trying to solve their ways to the end of the game.


In the middle of your everyday life, you rescued animals from a suspicious building. But the animals…turned into four men!

From the animals to the dangerous neighborhood that follows them. Can you keep your peaceful daily life?

Find out the special ending of a romantic thriller in a way you've never experienced before!

Character list


Albino Lionheart Rabbit
Officially 21 years old
Birthday: 11/22

"Am I not enough for you?"

"You're looking for the other guys from my show?"


Mysterious White Snake
Officially 33 years old
Birthday: 12/31

“Don't be so impatient. Let's spend some relaxing time together.”

"Snakes are animals that repay the favor"


Savannah Cat
Officially 25 years old
Birthday: 9/1

“You're the one who's playing difficult!”

"I'm not that silly like you think..."


Belgian Groenendael
Officially 29 years old
Birthday: 4/26

"I thought I told you to sort the laundry by color"

"I've got this... so you just rest"

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09:45 February 14, 2022

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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