Devil heart and possession

Devil heart and possession
Devil heart and possession

About the game

Release Date: 4 June, 2024
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance
Developer: LucyDream, ibard Inc


"If I had known this would happen, I would have killed you then, with my own hands."

Dangerous and mesmerizing demons have appeared before you in Hell after an unexplained death.

To escape Hell, you must steal their hearts!

"A kiss would be tempting, don't you think?"

With demons constantly coveting your body, can you escape Hell in one piece?


The protagonist dies in a sudden accident. When he opened his eyes again... Hell.

"Where did that weird thing roll in from?"

Four demons appeared in front of the protagonist trying to escape hell, and an angel who looks like a helper.

"You can only return to the world you came from if you get the devil's heart."

As you fall for the demons the more you try to resist, can you ask them for their hearts?

A dizzying romance with obsessed demons set in Hell.

Devil, heart and possession points.

Run for more sticky romance!

Recommended for those who like

Character list

"Don't look away from my eyes. If you run away again, I will never forgive you." - Edin, a demon who pursues souls trying to escape Hell.

"You bother me, and it drives me crazy." - Abellon, the ruler of Hell, a fallen angel who was banished from Heaven for breaking the rules.

"Touch me more." - Noa, a demon who watches over souls who have fallen to hell.

"I like to be soft and warm, you know. Like you." - Mihail, a demon guarding the gates of Hell.

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10:20 June 04, 2024

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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