Secret Kiss with Knight

Secret Kiss with Knight
Secret Kiss with Knight

About the game

Release Date: January 2024
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance, Knights
Developer: LucyDream


“Would you dare to betray with me?”

Unexpectedly meeting death during a mission, “I” am confronted by a mysterious “voice” and so, the “voice” offers “me” a shocking deal.

Can this daring mission and deal be successfully completed? To survive, I must win both his heart and his body! Only a kiss from him can save me!


Waking up from death, I see things that seem out of this world!

And a mysterious voice tells me,
“If you want to return to your world, save “Him”
But I have no idea who “He” is!

Moreover, the royal palace I suddenly enter is even more “deteriorated” than I thought… Eventually, “I” get entangled in a complicated and sticky web of relationships.

“I” witness a secret scene of the queen. And to hide this fact, the queen and her lover begin to threaten my life! To stop them, “I” propose to “Him”.

Who exactly is “He” that I need to save? Can “I” fulfill the mysterious voice’s “inquiry” and return to my world?

Character list


“I’m willing to sacrifice my life for your happiness.” - The handsome “Foreteller” even behind the mask

#mage #masters #softhearted #polite

Arthur Pendragon

“I will now follow my heart and body rather than keeping up my images” - The cursed but irresistibly charming “King”

#king #marriedman #cursed #short-lived 


“If it’s you, I can offer my purity..” - The stoic yet deeply romantic “Knight”

#knight #stoic #devoted #manoffewwords


“The grass looks greener on the other side~” - The slightly insane but irresistible “Dark Mage”

#blackmage #revenge #NTR

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07:55 January 29, 2024

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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