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Touch to Fate

Touch to Fate

Developer: LucyDream
Release date:  June, 2023


“If you want to know the truth, don't trust anyone!”

A thrilling detective romance unfolds at Devon Island University! The culprit is hidden within!

Irene was left alone due to an unfortunate accident. She discovers clues related to her parents' death and sets out to pursue the truth. and steamy romance begins in a school where no one can be trusted.

Write your own Occult romance story with Touch to Fate!

Every moment with characters depends on your choices!


“Don't trust anyone in this School”

Storytaco’s romantic Occult otome game.

Touch to Fate is a thriller fantasy romance game. In the Devon Island University filled with the steamy romance of charming characters!

Main point
  1. A thrilling romance story for mature users!
  2. Numerous character costumes that will lead to the love ending you want!
  3. Gain character intimacy and collect high-quality romantic illustrations!

Character list


"You may treat me as you please"

Height: 184 cm

#sly #rich #popular


"Stop. I don't remember allowing you to touch me"

Height: 179.6 cm

#teachingassistant #mysterious


"Touch me. And read me. Think of me as a book"

Height: 188 cm

#planman #rival #familyofteachers


"I'm willing to show you all my memories. Because we are..."

Height: 182 cm

#myside #socialbutterfly #childhoodfriend

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