Truth of Blood

Truth of Blood
Truth of Blood

About the game

Release Date: 2024
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: Romance
Developer: LucyDream


Passing a graduation exam with your life? Graduation, death... or love?

A dizzying romance with 4 charming men of 4 colors, a time of blood and death (Truth of Blood).

Game Introduction

death x romance = ?

Truth of Blood is an interactive choice game in the modern fantasy romance thriller genre.

Write your own romance story on the brink of life and death!

(Caution) Every moment your choices change the fate of the characters.


You wake up in a school in the middle of the night with a sign that says, "Directions to the graduation examination center". But it's not a graduation ceremony tomorrow, it's a graduation test for your life!

"Anyone who doesn't pass the test...... will die!"

Children dying in front of their eyes, and bizarrely shaped monsters, there are only a limited number of people I can trust...

Character list

"Jung-down", a former swimmer who is energetic and friendly, but has become depressed.

"Choi Ji-han," the quietly charismatic president of our class and vice president of the entire school.

"Park Do-jin," who seems to have a bit of a bad bone in his body.

"Lim Yeon-woo," the mysterious ghost of the art room.

And "Ra Ha Young," who is friendly but hides a secret.

Walkthroughs and Guides Truth of Blood

12:30 February 07, 2024

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Empty, but something will be added soon! I hope... >_>

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