Ark Academy ~ Merge the animation ~

Ark Academy ~ Merge the animation ~
Ark Academy ~ Merge the animation ~

About the game

Release Date: soon (status from 2022)
Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Genre: ???
Developer: Prettybusy

The day when chaos and destruction of unknown causes engulfed all time and space at once.

The world we know and the world we didn't know are all destroyed.

But at the last minute of its demise, 13 great men, now called the Academy Principal, pulled together the last fragments of the tens of thousands of pieces of the world to create a single world.

There was only one survivor per each world's debris who represented their own world and species.

It was a beautiful ruin where men of seven species, who had only heard of as legends, could destroy the world with just one gesture.
The place where they came together to rebuild the world and started classes for the new world is called Private 666 Ark Academy.

Where they gathered to learn the new world's order by wearing constrained clothes to seal their own power.

But why did I become their professor on behalf of human beings... ?!!!



Part 1: Original Sin

"The day when chaos and destruction of unknown causes engulfed all time and space at once. The world we know and the world we didn't know is all destroyed."

Character list


"The one who falls the highest"

Age: 178
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
Race: Dragon

“To make your face reflected all over me, I was born a dragon and carried a million scales."

A great creature that can fly through space and time, as well as the sky. At 150 years old, he escaped Hatchling and soon became a matured dragon, but faced the "Great Integration" at the same time and lost all his people. He was the only student who knew that there were various worlds in the universe. Usually, it is polymorphic in the form of an ordinary human being, but when he goes berserk, beautiful jewelry-like scales that resemble a pink sunset appear all over the body, making it look like a mountain of giant jewels. He promises to give 'me' a ride on his back one day.


"A thousand hounds protecting his wife"

Age: 108
Height: 198cm
Weight: 88kg
Race: Inugami

"Don't be sad if I die. The 999 remaining me will still stand by you."

He is the "God of Dogs" in the faith that some Asians in the human world where "I" lived believed. They have 1,000 lives, and there is a story that every time they die and their neck falls off, they must bite the neck of the enemy who killed them and then dies. He looks a bit loose and rough, but he has the properties of a dog as it is, so it has DNA with an infinite affection for the "human" race. As he has the title of "God," he alone shows the destructive power of a single world when awakened as a god. His tail keeps getting trampled.

Angra Mainyu

"A walker in the white abyss"

Age: ???
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Race: Demon God

“In order not to step on your shadow, I'll stay away bit. ‘Case the demons behind my back keep wanting to get in there."

Demon God, who worshipped by the devil. He thinks that poverty, death, pain, and disaster arising from the "winter" he created are his responsibility, and he takes care of all the souls that died because of it. Therefore, he is also called the existence of a white heart walking in the abyss. When he goes on a rampage, the wounds he has suffered so far are revealed, and the power of the devil who worships him inspires his power. Perhaps because of that, when dealing with "me," he is very anxious that his darkness may dirt "me".


"An eternal boy on the attached border"

Age: 3
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Race: Zombie

“I don't have a mother of love or a father of desire, but where do I learn the two and want to hug you so much?"

He is made from various materials(?), so he is the only unique species of creature in the Ark Academy, who has no specific species. Ignacio calls him 'Masterpiece', but the professors at the academy call him 'Zombie'.

It is said that the binding band on the school uniform is meaningless to him because it is a body made of fragments from the strongest tribes. Some say that his head, the main ingredient, was human. Sometimes it is assumed that the tears he shed for no reason are due to fragmentary memory in his head. Perhaps because of his unstable body, he often has a nosebleed, so all members of the class carry tissues.


"A man who has lost his name, connection, and destiny"

Age: 19
Height: 178cm
Weight: 68kg
Race: Human + ?

"I'm glad I have someone left to protect, and it is you."

The only human being in the academy except me.

However, at the time of the world's collapse and "Great Integration" occurs, he is mixed with an "unknown something" in the process of mixing the debris of various worlds, making him difficult to call just a human being. The creature lives in his right eye. A cute boy who has a pure and bright personality and blushes easily. He is a lovely man who can feel happy just by discovering "me" and being able to be together in the midst of the great misfortune of the world's destruction.


"A beast that kisses a noble step"

Age: 199
Height: 187cm
Weight: 86kg
Race: Unicorn

"You can touch me anywhere. My soft mane, strong chest, it's all for you"

One of the many princes of the unicorn race, who had won the fierce battle to succeed the throne, but now he is the only unicorn left in the world. Unicorns are famous for their unconditional submission to human women. He thinks that he and 'I', the only human woman left in the world, are fate's opponents, and is passionately courting 'me'. What a passionate courtship, his attitude toward 'me' and other people is so stark that he seems like a double personality. But at the same time, he's a very righteous being by nature.

Ignacio (Azathoth)

"A ruler of what reason and knowledge cannot learn"

Age: ???
Height: 205cm
Weight: ???kg
Race: Cosmic Horror

"Danger has taken your hand, so it's my turn to hold the other hand."

A friend and himself of various cosmic beings in the Cthulu myth.

He was a man who foresaw the destruction of the world even before the establishment of the Ark Academy and crossed various worlds. However, neither the Ark Academy nor the academy's teachers know exactly what he is. Currently, he is showing great interest in the operation of the Ark Academy and its members. For him, cats are the most preferred of the species, so Uska is spoiled but doesn't care. He enjoys the human culture of calling people who raise cats "butlers" a lot, so he is very proud to be called a butler. Recently, he is strangely interested in "me" as much as "cat".

Uska (Yog-Sothoth)

"A baby reeling from the dimension"

Age: ???
Height: 154cm
Weight: 55kg
Race: Cat

"If you believe me to be a cat, I will be your cat."

The cat that Ignacio raise... but is it really a cat?

There is a story that he turned into something terrible, not a cat when he was in combat. He always goes around with Ignacio, eats and sleeps beside him, and does everything together. Once in a while, he disappears into thin air, and every time he appears in Ignacio’s hair(!). He’s the owner's fan who can't imagine sharing Ignacio with anyone, but ’I’ am the exception. He has a cute look and a cute personality, but he is also a destructiveist who feels greater joy than anyone else when he annihilates the enemy.

Walkthroughs and Guides Ark Academy ~ Merge the animation ~

Empty, but something will be added soon! ^_^

Last Events & News Ark Academy ~ Merge the animation ~

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