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«Ark Academy»: QnA + Concept Arts

«Ark Academy»: QnA + Concept Arts

Hi there! 

Prettybusy released Concept Arts and the QnA on a game «Ark Academy. Part 1: Original Sin».

You can find Concept Arts on the preview for this post or on the official tweet:



Q: What is the genre of the Ark Academy?

Based on a casual game of the genre called Merge, it is a new genre that you can enjoy the collection of characters and the progression of deep stories together. 

Q: When is the next information coming up?

It is expected to be released after July when the Spanish version of LoveUnholyc is released

Q: Is it connected to LoveUnholyc?

Although the storylines may not match with each other, LoveUnholyc's character will appear in a cool way!

Q. Will the MC (heroine) appear in this game as well?

Yes, she will.

However, as in the previous game, we are paying special attention to the setting of the MC, so we need more time to disclose it.

Q. When will the Ark Academy be released?

It will be released in the winter of 2022. Not sure yet, but we’re planning a beta test before the launch.

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