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Code: Replicant SEASON 2 will be released!

Code: Replicant SEASON 2 will be released!

Hi there!

«Code: Replicant» SEASON 2 will be released!

If you don't know about this game I recommend you read this info: about the game. There you find more information about the characters and the storyline.

Season 1 AVAILABLE on the Google Play Store and Otomania for iOS!⁠


Season 1:

After narrowly escaping a kidnapping attempt, you find yourself swept into a world of cutting-edge science and subterfuge. Your rescuers, three handsome replicants with deadly skills, have a secret that will lead you to unravel some secrets of your own. Can you discover the truth about your past and save the one you love in time?

Season 2:

Having uncovered BioTech's true motives, you've sworn to fight alongside the replicants in their battle for freedom. Unfortunately, a fatal weakness in their design is threatening to destroy everything before the war can even begin. Will you be able to win the race against time to save your replicant friends?


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