Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Shoichiro Oomi (Licht Klein)

Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Shoichiro Oomi (Licht Klein)
Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Shoichiro Oomi (Licht Klein)

Hi there! 

Shoichiro Oomi plays Licht both in the game and in the 2.5 stage for Ikemen Prince!


What are your impressions of the game?

My first impression was that it had a theme that really matched the world of the Ikemen Series, and I thought that it'd be a fascinating game. And more than anything, I was excited to be able to be a part of the Ikemen Series!

What were your first impressions of your character, and what do you find appealing about him?

The moment I saw Licht, I wanted to voice act him. He has trouble expressing emotions with expressions, and I really empathized. I had times where I was enjoying the moment from the heart, but others asked me if I was having fun. I feel that sometimes maybe my expressions don't change too much I found a lot of similarities when reading the script, and I felt a sense of affinity with him.

What were some things you were particular about I when you voiced him?

I paid attention to howl expressed the differences in emotions without crossing a certain line. He'd sometimes be smiling, but it was only a faint smile, so expressing the ups and downs of the emotions were difficult.

Who are other characters that you're interested in and why?

His twin brother Nokto. I believe that their relationship is the key to figuring out the reason behind their current personalities. I'm curious about how they'll interact. I've also acted in the stage plays of Ikemen Revolution and Midnight Cinderella, but I had the chance to play a character with a twin again in Midnight Cinderella as well, so I felt a connection there, too.

Speaking of the title "lkemen Prince", if you were to call yourself "___ Prince", what would you put in the blank?

My life motto is "purity, honesty, and cleanly" so please put me down as a "Kind Prince". [lol] I also like fun things, so maybe "Comedy Prince"? The moments I laugh are when I'm happy, so I sometimes think about what I should do to make my life filled with laughter. I also love acting, so "Acting Prince" too. So how about "Triple Prince"!

Do you have a message for your fans?

Since it's the newest title in the Ikemen Series, there must be many people who are waiting for it and anticipating it. I feel the same as everyone. I'm excited to see what kind of depth will be born from the Ikemen Series. The biggest charm of the Ikemen Series, "the greatness of loving someone" is scattered through this title. Let's go on a journey together to find out what love is.

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