Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Kenji Nojima (Clavis Lelouch)

Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Kenji Nojima (Clavis Lelouch)
Ikemen Prince: Interview with VA Kenji Nojima (Clavis Lelouch)

Hi there! 

Kenji Nojima is a seiyuu who's appeared in many works such as One Piece Gundam SEED Destiny Banana Fish and more! You might recognize him as Mamoru from Sailor Moon Crystal and Albedo from Genshin Impact. Hm, Albedo has a very sexy voice ^^


What are your impressions of the game?

Since the game's title is "Ikemen Prince", l was wondering how I could fit into a world where handsome is an absolute requirement. However, once I saw the illustrations, I thought, "I see, it's clear that all these characters are already handsome, so I'm sure I'll be able to blend in once I get into the world of the story", and performed from there.

It's fascinating to see all these handsome princes reveal their wild side in this beautiful setting based off of Europe. I believe the contrast between the beautiful and the wild adds depth to the story world.

What were your first impressions of your character, and what do you find appealing about him?

I'm bad at enjoying myself, so I envied him. I usually forget about having fun and end up getting too serious about things... Clavis seems to be that rare guy who enjoys his life to the fullest, so I'm very jealous of him!

Although he can be twisted, he protects what is dear to him and thinks of how to live a happy life, which I believe is a mature way of thinking.

While he has a mature charm, I found his childish mischievousness, such as splashing squid ink as a prank, to be very appealing.

I think how he lives life in a simple way is an important aspect to him, so l have the impression that he has the key to living successfully. He's more charming the more you read about him.

What were some things you were particular about I when you voiced him?

I think one of the reasons why he has ended up this way is because he's the Third Prince. His personality became warped since he was born into the position of not being able to rise to the top, no matter how hard he tries. I took this into account as l voiced him.

Who are other characters that you're interested in and why?

l would say that's Luke. I'm curious how he, the Eighth and last prince in line, views the world. He has parts to him that's closer to a commoner, so out of all the princes, I think he would be the easiest to become friends with!

Speaking of the title "lkemen Prince", if you were to call yourself "___ Prince", what would you put in the blank?

Actually, I've been helping my friend reform their house, and I'm in charge with painting the plaster and putting up the wallpaper. He's been calling me the Wallpaper Prince since last week. Since I'm now painting the plaster... I would be the "Plaster Prince"!

Do you have a message for your fans?

These princes may be handsome, but each one also has a wild, beastly side to them. They all have unique and appealing personalities. There are many princes to choose from, so be sure to find the one that's right for you. I hope you enjoy the game.

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