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Knights of Romance and Valor was released!

Knights of Romance and Valor was released!

Hi there!

Knights of Romance and Valor has finally been released!


Caught between boring lectures and relentless bullies, a book on the legends of Camelot and its famous knights has been a welcome source of refuge. When an unknown force spirits you away to King Arthur’s court, that escape suddenly becomes a lot more real — if you can believe it!

Mistaken for a missing Princess Guinevere, you soon find yourself embroiled in courtly intrigues, as sinister forces seem intent on razing Camelot to the ground and stamping out every ideal the kingdom stands for. With three gallant men soon vying for your attention, there’s only one thing for certain — whether it’s combat or courtship, you’re not about to be some damsel in distress!


More information about the game.

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