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An Aberrant Incident Story Event in Ikemen Vampire

An Aberrant Incident Story Event in Ikemen Vampire

Hi everyone!

Today was starting story event "An Aberrant Incident" in Ikemen Vampire (ikevamp).

Main theme: His abnormal desire for blood strips away all of his good sense... His abnormal vampiric instincts will leave you craving each other all night long...

Invite Code (Android): P92YXNF2Q

The Event stars

The Stars: Isaac Newton, Vincent van Gogh, Arthur Conan Doyle

Let's look at each route:

Isaac Route

Warning: Route from his POV!

With Arthur and Vincent feeling the effects of the Rose, Isaac fights his own instinct to protect you!

"I'm sorry... I can't make it sweet like I want..."

Vincent Route

Vincent drinks 2 whole glasses of the Rose! And its effects kick in at the worst possible timing... Butt an unexpected friendly face shows up to help...

"I'm really sorry but I... I can't resist any longer...!"

Arthur Route

Arthur pretends like nothing's happening, but the Rose has clearly taken hold of his good sense so he runs off to protect you...

"The Rose has drawn out the vampire within me. And I can't seem to contain it as well as before..."

Event Date

From 16.10.2020 04:00 AM to 23.10.2021 04:00 AM

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