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Story Event in Ikemen Vampire: As Sweet as Honey

Story Event in Ikemen Vampire: As Sweet as Honey

Hi everyone!
Today was starting story event 'As Sweet as Honey' in Ikemen Vampire.

Invite Code (Android): P92YXNF2Q

It's your first trip as newlyweds!
Experience an oh-so-sweet honeymoon with your beloved husband in this story event, with Napoleon, Theo, and Leonardo


Event Date

22.01.2021 04:00 AM to 02.02.2021 04:00 AM

Lucky Time

Lucky Time is your chance to get extra Gold and Love Points for doing Love Battles during the event! Get 3x Story Lucky Time for the last 6 hours of the event!


22.01.2021 04:00 AM - 23.01.2021 04:00 AM
24.01.2021 04:00 AM - 24.01.2021 10:00 PM
25.01.2021 11:00 PM - 26.01.2021 11:00 AM
27.01.2021 11:00 AM - 28.01.2021 11:00 AM
30.01.2021 08:00 PM - 31.01.2021 02:00 PM
01.02.2021 04:00 PM - 02.02.2021 04:00 AM

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