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The Byte me Hard Story Event in Ikemen Prince

The Byte me Hard Story Event in Ikemen Prince

Hi everyone!

The Byte me Hard Story Event started at Ikemen Prince (ikepri) today.

The main Event Theme: The man you love... turns out to be vampire?! Can they resist their lust for your blood?

The Event stars

The Stars: Chevalier Michel, Luke Randolph, Nokto Klein.

Let's look at each route:

Nokto's Route

Nokto's face is pale, but each time I ask if he's okay, he laughs and changes the subject. But then one day...

"Your scent... is far too sweet"

Luke's Route

Even after Luke told me he was a vampire, our days were as peaceful as usual. But at what cost?

"I'm... really sorry"

Chevalier's Route

Vampires scared me. But I thought I was safe as long as I was with Chevalier... until he bit my neck.

"Do you find vampires more terrifying than the Brutal Beast?"


Event Date

Until 06.01.2023 09:59 JST

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