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The game "Lustrous Hearts" was released!

The game "Lustrous Hearts" was released!

Today "Lustrous Hearts" has finally been released!


As one of the last surviving members of the Gem clan—a group of people known for their snow-white hair, glittering blue eyes, and telekinetic abilities—you’ve been kept in protective isolation for most of your life.

It’s a dream come true when you’re given the chance to leave your labyrinthian prison in the Kingdom of Raviel and explore the world—but before you’ve even left the kingdom, you’re kidnapped by a group of bandits who plan to sell you for your coveted eyes.

Luckily, you’re swiftly rescued by a young lord, but you soon learn he has ulterior motives of his own… Freedom may be sweet, but you’re about to discover that the world is not welcoming, particularly when it comes to the people of your clan…


More information about the game.

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