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Wanted: Gunslinger's Kiss will be released!

Wanted: Gunslinger's Kiss will be released!

Hi there!

The Wanted: Gunslinger's Kiss will be released!

If you don't know about this game I recommend you read this info: about the game. There you find more information about the characters and the storyline.

Release date: on this weekend.


Your life as a promising young deputy in a wild land inhabited by giant monsters and dangerous outlaws takes an unexpected turn when you're framed for murder while on your first field assignment. Before long, you've been captured by the most infamous group of mercenaries in the land—The Lazarus Gang, who are eager to claim the price on your head. On the way to turn you in, however, you realize that these outlaws aren't the evil men you expected… and they discover that you're a bounty unlike any other.

When startling revelations shake the very foundations of your beliefs about the law, can you render justice by running with a band of criminals?

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