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Tokyo Onmyoji: Release date

Tokyo Onmyoji: Release date

Hi everyone!

If you wanna read some fantastic BL-novel then I have big news: Tokyo Onmyoji comes out on February 25th!

For now, you can download the demo version on the official shop: shop.moonchimeloc, or pre-order the game for $34.99.

Also, you can take advantage of a 15% discount with a special code: EARLYONMYOJI

Please, don't forget, that this is a preorder and you will be able t download it on the day of release.

More about "Tokyo Onmyouji"

About Steam Release

Official answer: 

We're planning a Steam release and are currently working with their team to launch the page asap, it's just taking a bit longer because it's a 18+ title, but we'll announce it as soon as it's ready! 

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