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Walkthrough LoveUnholyc: Prologue

Walkthrough LoveUnholyc: Prologue

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough LoveUnholyc: Prologue» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

Selectors: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

Full walkthrough, LoveUnholyc Prologue

Hi everyone!
I see that it was hard to navigate on this page so I explode it on 7 pages ^_^

Route Navigation Season 1:


Prologue - Good morning, Master
CHAT: Good morning, Master

Chatroom: William

(ch. 1)

[1] Who is it? - funny start ^_^
[2] …I’ve been awake for a while now.

(ch. 2)

[1] No!!!

(ch. 3)

[1] Okay, you can delete it. See if I care.
[2] No! I’m sorry T^T

(ch. 4)

[1] I want to eat fried fish!
[2] Same as always - my choice
[3] Fried goose, please

STORY: William’s Rage

New CG

(ch. 1)

[1] What is with those crows? - my choice
[2] Did I almost get myself killed just now?

(ch. 2)

[1] I am...?
[2] Is that a good thing? - my choice

(ch. 3)

[1] What! Why?!

(ch. 4)

[1] I want to talk to you a bit more!
[2] Alright! I'm going to play now! - my choice

STORY: Strange Letter, Strange People

(ch. 1)

[1] How rude of you to enter a lady's room so abruptly!
[2] Oh? William, you're here? - my choice

(ch. 2)

[1] Are you trying to have a peek into your master's letter?
[2] Go ahead. - my choice

(ch. 3)

[1] Who is Dorian Gray?
[2] What's with that look? - my choice

(ch. 4)

[1] If this Dorian Gray is as great as you say he is, maybe we should? - my choice
[2] If it's for my own good, we'll do as the letter says!

(ch. 5)

[1] Alright! So it begins! - my choice
[2] Huh? I'm going to go alone?

(ch. 6)

[1] Why are you staring at me?
[2] (Avoids eye contact.) - my choice

(ch. 7)

[1] No, it wasn't.
[2] Yeah, it's my voice. - my choice

New CG

(ch. 8)

[1] Very sensual, filled with lust...! It was amazing!
[2] I felt an aura similar to mine. - my choice

(ch. 9)

[1] ...

(ch. 10)

[1] Aren't you being too impulsive? - my choice
[2] Uh... Thank you...?!

(ch. 11)

[1] That's because I haven't gone through with my coming-of-age ceremony. - my choice
[2] I'll have you know that I'm extremely dangerous?

New CG x2

(ch. 12)

[1] Yeah, I can. - my choice
[2] That's a bit greedy of you...

(ch. 13)

[1] Alright, I will - my choice
[2] I feel like I have the shorter end of the stick...

New CG - super!!!

(ch. 14)

[1] Are you guys okay? - my choice
[2] Maybe you all can take a step back now...


Thank you for reading «Walkthrough LoveUnholyc: Prologue» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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