Walkthrough Wicked Wolves: Toga Leed

Walkthrough Wicked Wolves: Toga Leed
Walkthrough Wicked Wolves: Toga Leed

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Chapter 1: Your Fated Partner?

[1] I'll keep trying as many times as possible. (+5)
[2] It was worth a shot. Probably won't try that again, though.
[3] Please, just let me go.

Chapter 2: Wolf's Habit

[1] D-Don't touch me!
[2] Nothing.
[3] Don't give me that. (+5)

CG (new Photo) - choose Sweet Moon Route
Secret Route - Available After Completing the Secret Ending (Toga Leed Chapter 2:03 ★  SECRET END)

Chapter 3: Selfish Man

[1] Not really.
[2] What do you recommend? (+5)
[3] I'm not hungry.

Extra Chapter 1: Toga Leed Chapter 3 - 200 Reward Points (Toga Chapter 3:05 ★ EXTRA)

Chapter 4: Chosen Mate

[1] Ruka. (+5)
[2] Toga.
[3] Neither.

Sweet Moon Route - Needs +15 Affections (Toga Leed Chapter 4:05 ★ LOVE ★ SWEET Route)

Chapter 5: Difference in Values

[1] I'd rather die than be your goddamn 'mate'!
[2] Well, since none of this is any of my business, I've got no reason to be here. (+5)
[3] What is a 'mate' to you anyway?

Avatar Mission "Toga Leed Chapter 05:05"
- Blue Ribbon Earrings (+50 Charm) - 300 Reward Points

- Ribbon Necklace (+20 Charm) - 100 Reward Points / 2000 Gold

Chapter 6: Becoming His Mate

[1] I don't think so. (+5)
[2] And what makes you so sure you're right about that?
[3] It's not your place to tell me what to do.

Secret Route - Available After Completing the Secret Ending (Toga Leed Chapter 6:03 ★  SECRET END)

Chapter 7: Wolf Husband

[1] ....
[2] Alright.
[3] You're not going to get angry? (+5)

Chapter 8: I Want To Know Him

[1] It's hard to believe.
[2] Yeah, you're right. (+5)
[3] Do you think that's true, Ivan?

Extra Chapter 2: Toga Leed Chapter 8 - 200 Reward Points (Toga Chapter 8:05 ★ EXTRA)

Chapter 9: Small Joy

[1] How're these? (+5)
[2] Choose a pair yourself.
[3] Do you have... criteria?

Secret Route - Available After Completing the Secret Ending (Toga Leed Chapter 9:02 ★  SECRET END)

Chapter 10: An Illegitimate Child

[1] You were worried?
[2] Yep, I just got in. (+5)
[3] ......

CG (new Photo) - choose Sweet Moon Route

Chapter 11: Imminent Crisis

[1] Did you get that from a movie? (+5)
[2] Why?
[3] Isn't that a little lame?

Extra Chapter 3: Toga Leed Chapter 11 – 200 Reward Points (Toga Chapter 11:01 ★ EXTRA)

Chapter 12: His Voice

[1] Find someplace to run.
[2] Call Toga. (+5)
[3] Break the window.

Avatar Mission  “Toga Leed Chapter 12:02
- Blue Ribbon Hairy Accessory (+60 Charm) - 300 Reward Points

- Ankle Ribbon Pumps (+30 Charm) - 100 Reward Points / 3000 Gold

Chapter 13: Male Pheromone

[1] But...
[2] I haven't thanked you yet. (+5)
[3] Alright.

Sweet Moon Route - Needs +60 Affections (Toga Leed Chapter 13:04 ★ LOVE ★ SWEET Route)

Chapter 14: Behind the Strength

[1] T-Toga, maybe that's enough. (+5)
[2] I don't think he meant anything by it.
[3] You don't have to get so angry.

Chapter 15: Changing Relationship

[1] That I'd see you telling a story like that. (+5)
[2] That you actually have a soft side.
[3] That you'd be popular with children.

Avatar Mission  “Toga Leed Chapter 15:02”
- Aquamarine Eyes (+150 Charm) - 400 Reward Points

- Black Ribbon Choker (+50 Charm) - 150 Reward Points / 5000 Gold

Chapter 16: First Night

[1] So relaxing... (+5)
[2] You smell nice.
[3] You should stay like this all the time.

Extra Chapter 4: Toga Leed Chapter 16 – 200 Reward Points (Toga Chapter 16:01 ★ EXTRA)

Chapter 17: Hidden Possessiveness

[1] You've got it all wrong. (+5)
[2] Um...
[3] I'd rather go with Louis, after all.

Chapter 18: Unseen Darkness

[1] Don't try to feed me lies!
[2] Louis, tell him he's being ridiculous!
[3] I trust Toga! (+5)

Avatar Mission  “Toga Leed Chapter 18:04”
- Long Pink Hair (+200 Charm) - 400 Reward Points

- Blue Ribbon Headband (+60 Charm) - 200 Reward Points / 5000 Gold

Chapter 19: Lies

[1] I-I'm not planning anything.
[2] ...I won't say. (+5)
[3] What are you talking about?

Chapter 20: Sweet Temptation

[1] Avoid the question.
[2] Give a vague answer. (+5)
[3] Tell them everything.

CG (new Photo) - choose Sweet Moon Route

Secret Route – Available After Completing the Secret Ending (Toga Leed Chapter 20:04 ★  SECRET END)

Chapter 21: Sharing Truths

[1] You don't get to decide that.
[2] So you just want me to leave? You're fine with that?
[3] Stop running away! (+5)

Avatar Mission  “Toga Leed Chapter 21:02”
- Blue Rose Dress (+300 Charm) - 500 Reward Points

 - Bamboo Blue Ribbon Bag (+80 Charm) - 250 Reward Points / 10000 Gold

Chapter 22: Disturbing Sign

[1] Take his hand. (+5)
[2] Thank him.
[3] Really?

Bridal Check

Chapter 23: His Determination

[1] We stay together, no matter what. (+5)
[2] I'm not going to leave you.
[3] Don't say that!

Extra Chapter 5: Toga Leed Chapter 23 – 200 Reward Points (Toga Chapter 23:03 ★ EXTRA)

Chapter 24: Bad News

[1] Are you really okay?
[2] I want to see you. (+5)
[3] I'm not worried.

Special Scenario - Needs +110 Love Points (Sweet Moon Route)

Chapter 25: Right to be Angry

[1] How can I?
[2] ...I don't think I can.
[3] I understand, but I can't agree... (+5)

Chapter 26: Understanding Thoughts

[1] Hit him. (+5)
[2] Demand an explanation.
[3] I do understand.

Bridal Mission:
Requires 25000+ Elegance

Chapter 27: What You Protect

[1] I've made my decision. (+5)
[2] You wouldn't be able to understand.
[3] Toga's the only one for me.

Special Scenario - Needs +120 Love Points (Sweet Moon Route)

Beast Moon End

[1] I'm fine. (+5)
[2] It's terrible! Agony! No one has ever endured such pain!
[3] Nothing I can't take.

CG (new Photo) - choose Sweet Moon Route

[1] Sorry.
[2] Well, you'll have to get used to worrying, then.
[3] Didn't you tell me to live how I wanted? (+5)

Sweet Moon End

[1] Of course. (+5)
[2] Are you going to make me say it for the 100th time?
[3] Gee... whatever will I decide to do?

CG (new Photo) - choose Sweet Moon Route

[1] Is something wrong? (+5)
[2] Toga?
[3] Are you tired?

Result route

At the end of this story (Beast Moon + Sweet Moon) you will receive as a reward:

  1. 5000 Gold
  2. Key to His Heart
  3. Reset Ticket
  4. Full Recovery Story Tickets
  5. Platinum End Gacha
  6. +240 or +560 Charm

Total cost route

If you buy premium stuff + all extra:
Avatar Mission ~1900 Reward Points + Extra ~1000 Reward Points = ~2900 Reward Points

If you buy only premium stuff: Avatar Mission ~1900 Reward Points

If you buy only normal stuff: Avatar Mission 25000 Gold

About Toga Leed

"Don't leave my side, if you don't want to die." - Toga Leed, Wicked Wolves (full walkthrough)

The fierce wolf that runs a mafia empire with a loathing of humans. He will never back away from a fight and he will never back down because he has a pride of a wolf pretty high ego.

The Global Gangster Wolf Toga Leed, Wicked Wolves (full walkthrough)

Birthday: 05/11
Blood Type: B
Height: 183 cm
Hobbies: Gambling

Voice: Toshiki Masuda

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Wicked Wolves: Toga Leed» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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Comments on «Walkthrough Wicked Wolves: Toga Leed»

I just have a question, did you obtain all 7 CGs for Toga's route? I've played his route a total of 5 times and still didn't complete the photo album. I only got the 6 out of the 7 images. Thank you for your time if you could answer this question.

Your walk-through helps so much in completing the game. Thank you!

Sincerely, Emi


Hi! I have 6/7 illustrations.

Toga and Louis are unique characters with 7 CGs (illustrations).

I don't remember/know where the last illustration was T_T

update: if I remember it right the last of images was from a Set Sale, but I'm not sure


How rude of me, I never started the question/message without saying hi. Forgive me, let me start over:

Hi hi :) thank you for your fast response! TBH I didn't think I would get a reply seeing as the walk-through was 2020 and I didn't think you were still active :/ sorry. But lo and behold you did, it was so shocking and I was amazed. Heehee.

That answers my question however, for Louis route I think I was able to obtain all his CGs without a set sale, etc. Is it just for Toga's route? Do you still play wicked wolves currently?


Don't worry about it, I was working and saw your message ^^

This is only for the Toga route and yes, the illustrations of cutie Louis will be added to your album without any problems if you read his route, hehe.

Since 2022 I stopped reading/writing Wicked Wolves news and playing too. They are don't do anything for the eng app: no new routes, no interesting news. Although I still have a smoldering hope that they will add something new, but you can’t argue with reality



Good afternoon :) it's currently 12:30pm (CST time). Again thank you for responding. That answers everything I was questioning about. I was thinking of replaying Toga's route for the 6th time for that last image but it's pointless to do so as there's no set sale therefore no way of me getting it lol.

I'm currently still playing WW and I'm on my last character route, which is Arthur. I'll be finished with the whole game after I complete his route.

Responding to the last part of your message, yes indeed you can't argue with reality. The game is set and final, no more new releases. Sad and unfortunate, this game was amazing.

Thank you again, I guess I'll say goodbye? I don't mean to keep talking. I hope I didn't bother you too much. Thank you for everything! Last question though, are you currently playing any games, could we be friends in them if it's not too much trouble??


Good afternoon ^^

Whoa, my last route was with Arthur too xD

If we speak about otome games - mostly of them doesn't have a activities for friends or normal UI interface for communication.

If you like WW then you will love Ikemen Villains or Ikemen Vampire (especially Arthur and Charles routes).

But if you play, for example, Genshin, Honkai Star Rail or ZZZ (will be released soon) I did love to be your friend ^^ I can send you my IDs on email if you want.

Invite Codes:

- Ikemen Villains, P8XSS43CR

- Ikemen Vampire, P92YXNF2Q

PS: also I love to play in D&D games (BG III, Divinity, Pillars of Eternity, Warhammer 40k: Rouge Trader, Pathfinder and etc.). Create your own story is the best part!



Hello, long time :(

Sorry. For the late reply.

Whoa, what a coincidence that we both chose Arthur for our last route lol. That's true, some or most of the games are coming out with no friend activities, which is sad. I would like to talk to my friends if their willing to as well :/

Ah, I don't play any of the games you mentioned except for Ikemen Villains and Ikemen Vampire. I'll go add you on those two games, thank you :) I also will check out the other game titles you typed down !



Hi, Emi~

Ikewil - P5VT8**** it's your profile?

IkeVamp - done ^^


Hi hi :)

Yes that's me, I added you in both games. Your name is Fillin on both games, correct?

You don't play IkeSen, IkeRev or IkePrince?


Hi~ Yeah, Fillin is my in-game name

IkeRev updates were stopped by devs, so, after I complete all routes, I stopped playing too. It's shame, I've been waiting for the Mousse's Route for so long T-T

IkePrince - P8MVNGB3W. IkeSen - P8ZLSNANY

Sorry for late answer, I was a little overworked. Hope your days was more peaceful and less stressed. Sweet sweet weekend is ahead!

[]~( ̄▽ ̄)~*


Hi again it's me ^^

I like how this is supposed to be only a comment section and we're having a full on conversation. Should we talk on their games instead now?? Lol.

Ah, yes IkeRev is no more updating :( I'm trying to complete it but have a few more routes to go. Plus reading the sequel or part 2. Yay!! I'll add you in those two games. Thank you.

No worries for late answer. I also am late on my response. I apologize as well! I understand, I'm also overworked and drained. No weekend relaxation for me. I work both Saturday and Sunday :/

Take care, have a good weekend!!


Yeah xD Hope your weekend was peaceful ^^

Comment section != chat and our conversation is like a mail correspondence like in the old days but public + I think in-game chats mostly is... unuserfull.

If you want, we can continue the conversation on Telegram or email, but I warn you in advance that most likely everything will be at the same but in private xD


Hi :)

It's now Monday. How was your weekend? My weekend was OK. Lol.

I don't have telegram but let's exchange emails in one of the games, your choosing :) Just because these messages/chat are staying and anyone can see/read it.

I wonder what game where messages are not kept and able to delete....hmm...



Hi, it's almost Friday ^^

Maybe we'll choose ikevill as our main in-game messenger?


Hi :)

Sunday, Sunday fun day lol. Cringe :/ Yes!! I will message you there then!

See you!

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