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Comte de Saint-GermainIkemen Vampire. The Hedonistic Nobleman

Comte de Saint-Germain

Comte de Saint-Germain's BirthdayOctober 25

About Comte de Saint-Germain

Ikemen Vampire. The Hedonistic Nobleman Comte de Saint-Germain

Height: 179 cm
Past Occupation: Nobleman
Vampiric Type: Greater Vampire

Voice: Kazuma Horie


A greater (pure-blood) vampire shrouded in mystery. He is responsible for offering the inhabitants of the mansion a "taste of eternity" and granting their second lives as vampires.

Saint-Germain has graceful poise and an elegant smile, but there's the faintest hint of sadness somewhere in his eyes.

"Let us toast to tonight's most glorious and miraculous encounter. Santé." - Comte de Saint-Germain

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