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Johann Georg FaustIkemen Vampire. The Merciless Philosopher

Johann Georg Faust

Johann Georg Faust's BirthdayFebruary 29

About Johann Georg Faust

Ikemen Vampire. The Merciless Philosopher Johann Georg Faust

Height: 180 cm
Past Occupation: Alchemist
Vampiric Type: Lesser Vampire

Voice: Shinichiro Kamio


A mysterious priest in a church, in truth he is the legendary alchemist, rumored to have made a deal with the devil in his quest for knowledge.

At first glance, he is quite a gentleman. However, his true nature is ruthless, performing morally questionable activities and experiments.

Though in service to Vlad, he continues his research night after night, in search of something...

"You have a very nice figure. You'd make an excellent guinea pig for my experiments" - Johann Georg Faust

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