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Ray BlackwellIkemen Revolution. King of Spades. Cool & Popular

Ray Blackwell

Ray Blackwell's BirthdayMarch 23

About Ray Blackwell

Ikemen Revolution. King of Spades. Cool & Popular Ray Blackwell

Height: 5 ft 8 in
Blood Type: O

Voice: Hiro Shimono


Wonderland Route:

The young King of the Black Army hates being tied down and values freedom above all else. He is stoic and candid with everyone he meets and is popular with Cradle citizens of all ages. Despite his brisk demeanor, he has a soft spot for cats.

«Don't cry, no matter how awful your lick is. I'll be right there, fighting beside you.» - Ray Blackwell

Through the Looking Glass Route:

Shouldering the painful burdens of his past, the King of Spades continues to reach his hand towards the light. He is determined to create a world in which everyone can laugh freely. However, he occasionally shows a mischievous side of himself to you when you're alone together.

He still has a soft spot for cats.

«I couldn't live without your light.» - Ray Blackwell

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