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NEXUS Code Plus // BL

NEXUS Code Plus // BL

What is Nexus Code Plus?

A top-secret organization under the National Public Safety Commission. Two partners: one is part of the "Legal Group", those who complete the legal course, and the other is part of the "Parvenu Group", those who have a criminal record. They investigate private cases.

Chigaya and Natsume, who both hide a secret dating back to their childhood.

Kei and Zakuro, who separated from their former partners and formed a new pair.


CASE001: Chigaya x Natsume

Chigaya is forced to look after his reckless partner, Natsume. What kind of incident will this powerful combo get wrapped up in?

CASE002: Kei x Zakuro

Former hacker Zakuro seems like the very definition of a tsundere. What is his past with the icy Kei...?

CASE003: Hiiragi x Kikyo

Despite his clean-cut appearance, Kikyo is pretty easygoing. He handles office work with Hiiragi. But what is the real relationship between the two at the top of Crows?

CASE004: Tachibana x Rindo

CASE005: Asebi x Botan

System Requirements: 
Android 5.0 and up

NEXUS Code Plus is a BL game with fixed pairings - meaning you stick with your partner. You consume tickets to continue progressing in the story.


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