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Abracadabra Games prepared a little survey

Abracadabra Games prepared a little survey

Hi everyone!

Abracadabra Games prepared a little survey. If you take part in it then you can win 500 Rubies!

More Rubies for the God of Rubies! xD

Link on a surveydocs.google.com/super-long-link

About survey and rewards

The survey ends on April 20th, 2021 at 12:00 noon JST!

From among those who participate, five respondents will be randomly selected via a raffle to receive 500 rubies.  Raffle winners will be contacted within a few business days after the survey will end. If "Abracadabra" doesn't hear back from a winner, they'll draw another to ensure 5 players get their Rubies.

The raffle can choose for them to be applied to one of the following games.

Game List
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