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TekiKare - Boyfriend or Foe? // BL

TekiKare - Boyfriend or Foe? // BL

Original title: Teki Kare - Boyfriend or Foe?
Category & Genre: Romance Adventure Game & BL with Fixed Pairings
Price: F2P, Pay to purchase items
Platform: Smartphone
Planning & Draft: otomedou
Scenario: Yukiminabe
Illustration: Shou Harusono

Two feuding nations decide that the best way to get to know each other is by conducting a study abroad program. Only students with royal bloodlines are eligible for this program... Or not!? Why is one of the students chosen a common citizen!?

Through their days in the academy, their relationships begin to shift and eventually take the shape of love.

Will their love, which used to be such an alien concept to the four students, manage to transcend their differences...?


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