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Desirable Deals // BL

Desirable Deals // BL

Seasons: 1

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!


Fresh out of college, you’ve landed your first job at a prestigious company thanks to your unshaken confidence and go-getter mentality. Your dream is to rise to the top of the company and become a high-flying millionaire, but then a suspicious newcomer shows up and steals your spotlight!

As you struggle to figure out the true motives of this newcomer, you become entangled in an office love affair with both your CEO and one of your coworkers! Can you climb your way back to the top while balancing your newfound romance, or will it all come crashing down?


Character list


The Enigmatic CEO

Desirable Deals // BL | CapiOra

Cold and calculating, Kirihito is a true businessman who’s built his company from the ground up. He can easily manipulate people's hearts, making them desire things they never knew they wanted. After being betrayed by his old business partner, he’s become a control freak who rarely shows his emotions.

Can you help Kirihito let go of the past and open his heart again?


The Sadistic Superior

Desirable Deals // BL | CapiOra

Reji is a popular and model employee, but he’s had it in for you from the start. Whenever the two of you are alone, he lures you in with a charming smile and demands all your attention, but in the presence of others, he’s upbeat and friendly. It seems there’s something in his past that makes it hard for him to trust others…

Can you help Reiji remember what it’s like to have someone to rely on?

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