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A Villain's Twisted Heart was released!

A Villain's Twisted Heart was released!

Today "A Villain's Twisted Heart" has finally released!


Since childhood, you've had the strange ability to breathe life into the words you read aloud. You recognized the dangerous potential of this gift long ago and swore never to use it — until a hooded stranger forces you to read three familiar characters to life! ⁠

These are no princes in shining armor. They're selfish, evil villains with their own secrets and motivations, and now they expect you to serve them... or else! How did you end up as the heroine in such a twisted fairytale?!⁠

Can you write your own happily-ever-after ending, or will you fall victim to these villains' wicked plans? One thing's for sure — never judge a book by its cover!⁠


More information about the game.

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