Cooking Trials: Cookies Event in Tears of Themis

Cooking Trials: Cookies Event in Tears of Themis
Cooking Trials: Cookies Event in Tears of Themis

Hi everyone!

On March 11 the "Cooking Trials: Cookies" Event will be added to the game "Tears of Themis".

Event Details

  1. Complete daily tasks to obtain cookie ingredients
    During the event, complete event daily tasks in "Supplies" to obtain "Cookie Dough" and random toppings.
  2. Make a wish to Tabby, the chonky orange cat, to obtain specific toppings
    During the event, Attorneys can select a specific topping and make a "Wish" to Tabby, who will retrieve that topping after a certain amount of time. Only one topping can be selected per Wish.
  3. Research cookies to create new flavors
    During the event, Attorneys can proceed to the "Cookie Research Lab" to research new cookie recipes by adding different types of toppings.
    Upon successfully discovering a new cookie flavor, consume "Cookie Dough" ×1 and the toppings used in the recipe to add the cookie flavor into your Cookie Recipe Book. Unsuccessful research attempts, or obtaining the same results already recorded in your Cookie Recipe Book, will not consume Cookie Dough and toppings. Unlock certain amounts of Cookie Recipes to obtain S-Chips, Stellin, and other rewards. Unlock a total of 16 Cookie Recipes to obtain the event-limited "Cookie Expert Badge."
  4. Gift special cookies and wait for his reply
    Upon creating a special cookie, Attorneys can gift it to a Male Lead and wait for his reply.
Event Access Points:
  1. On the main game screen, tap "Event," then "Cooking Trials"
  2. From the Events tab in Announcements, tap on the link in the "Cooking Trials" event announcement to enter
  3. Tap the link in the event mail sent to your in-game Mailbox to enter
  1. Event daily tasks reset each day at 04:00. You can obtain a maximum of 4 Cookie Dough each day.
  2. Attorneys can check out the cookie recipes they have already unlocked in their Cookie Recipe Book.
  3. Collection Progress rewards for "Cooking Trials: Cookies" can be collected on the event page. Rewards will be sent to the in-game Mailbox upon collection, potentially after a slight delay.

Cooking Trials: Cookies Recipes

 Marble Cookie 

Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Cookie

Cocoa Powder, Black Chocolate

Gingerbread Cookie

Cocoa Powder, Frosting

Matcha Cookie

Matcha Powder

Matcha Almond Cookie

Matcha Powder, Almond Slices

Dendro Slime Cookie

Matcha Powder, Black Chocolate

Wreath Cookie

Matcha Powder, Strawberry Bits,  White Chocolate

Cranberry Cookie

Dried Cranberries

Oat Cookie 


Assorted Nuts Cookie

Oats, Almond Slices, Crushed Peanuts

Spider Cookie

Peanut Butter, White Chocolate

Choco Peanut Cookie

Peanut Butter, Black Chocolate

Red Velvet Cookie

Beetroot Powder, Edible Gold Leaf

Strawberry Mochi Cookie

Beetroot Powder,  Frosting, Strawberry Bits

Blueberry Jam Cookie

Blueberry Jam

Very Berry Cookie

Blueberry Jam, Dried Cranberries

"Watson" Cookie

Peanut Butter, Crushed Peanuts

Senior Attorney Cookie

Edible Gold Leaf, Black Chocolate

Piano Cookie 

White Chocolate, Black Chocolate

Research Success

Cocoa Powder, Beetroot Powder, Matcha Powder

Kitty Cookie 

Cat Hair

Tears of Themis Cookie

Something Blue

Homu Cookie 

Yellow Food Dye, White Chocolate

Event Period

11.03.2022 11:00 - 21.03.2022 04:00 (UTC+9)

Event Clock
0 0 : 0 0 : 0 0
Month 00, 0000 (UTC+0)

Other date formats: (UTC+0)

  • 00:00 am Month 00, 0000
  • 00:00 Month 00, 0000
  • 00/00/0000 00:00 am
  • 00/00/0000 00:00
Clock Settings
- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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