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Jasper's Birthday Party in Court of Darkness

Jasper's Birthday Party in Court of Darkness

Hi everyone!

September 11th is Jasper's Birthday!

Today was the start of Jasper's Birthday Party Event in Court of Darkness (CoD) on this perfect day.

This event works like a Nightmare Battle Event, but with slight differences: we have a total Goal of 1 500 000 Points.

If the total Presents from courtiers reaches 1 500 000 all players who give 100 Presents will get Jasper artwork!

Also, I checked Overal Presents and find some interesting rewards:

Event Date

09.09.2021 - 13.09.2021 05:59

Nightmare Battle Schedule

Battles x2:
10.09.2021 06:00 –  17:59
Stories x2:
11.09.2021 06:00 – 12.09.2021 05:59
Battles x2:
12.09.2021 06:00 – 13.09.2021 05:59

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