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The game "Chase Love in Japan" was released!

The game "Chase Love in Japan" was released!

Today "Chase Love in Japan" has finally been released!


Fresh out of high school, and only months away from starting college, this seemed the perfect chance to turn your dreams into reality and finally visit Japan! Your online friend, Emi, eagerly awaits your arrival for what promises to be a manga and anime pilgrimage of epic proportions!

No sooner do you arrive, however, before a chance encounter throws you into the middle of a global intrigue—threatening to turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. With three different men all vying for your attention for very different reasons, you just might live to regret all those heroines you envied in your favorite dramas…

When hearts are on the line, jewels aren’t the only precious things in danger of being stolen!


More information about the game.

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