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For the Love of Qelsum Story Event in Court of Darkness

For the Love of Qelsum Story Event in Court of Darkness

Hi everyone!

Today was starting the"For the Love of Qelsum" story event in Court of Darkness (CoD)!

This event with CG (Illustration)! If you wanna receive it then reach 100.00 Ardor Points during the event ^_^

The main Event Theme: Will Dies Amoris be a day of love for you and your heart's desire?

Relationship: Mutual

The Event stars

The Stars: Roy Invidia, Toa Qelsum, Guy Avari, Lynt Akedia, Fenn Luxure, Rio Voleri.

Let's look at each route:

Guy's Route

Guy hates Dies Amoris, but your subtle participation catches his eye.

Relationship Status:

Lynt's Route

Your gift for Lynt has gone astray! Will your feelings for him do the same?

Relationship Status:

Fenn's Route

Fenn never chooses anyone for Dies Amoris but may make an exception.

Relationship Status:

Rio's Route

Your crush on Rio makes you wonder if his Dies Amoris card is for you.

Relationship Status: ???

Roy's Route

Roy's kind to all, but you want to be special to him. No regrets, right?

Relationship Status: ???

Toa's Route

Toa's fans are blocking you from sending gifts. Is this confession doomed?

Relationship Status: ???

If you wanna we can be an event friends: 4716219

(o_ _)ノ彡☆

Event Date

From 03.02.2022 05:59 to 14.02.2022 05:59

Event Schedule


Ardor x2: 04.02.2022 06:00 - 05.02.2022 05:59
Ardor x2: 08.02.2022 06:00 - 09.02.2022 05:59
Ardor x2: 10.02.2022 06:00 - 17:59
Ardor x2: 12.02.2022 06:00 - 13.02.2022 05:59
Ardor x2: 13.02.2022 06:00 - 14.02.2022 05:59


1st Early Completion deadline: 9.02.2022 05:59
2nd Early Completion deadline: 13.02.2022 05:59
Extra path(s) added: 9.02.2022 06:00

Event Clock

0 0 : 0 0 : 0 0
Month 00, 0000 (UTC+0)

Other date formats: (UTC+0)

  • 00:00 am Month 00, 0000
  • 00:00 Month 00, 0000
  • 00/00/0000 00:00 am
  • 00/00/0000 00:00
Clock Settings
- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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