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Twilight Fangs Season 3 was released!

Twilight Fangs Season 3 was released!

Twilight Fangs Season 3 has finally been released!


Season 1:

You thought you were just being a Good Samaritan… Until you discover the man you helped is half vampire, half werewolf and 100% wanted dead! Caught in a war between werewolves and vampires, you discover that the flowers of love bloom in the most dangerous of places...⁠

Season 2:

Vice, Rayleigh and Harold are back for more action! But with King Zack on your doorstep and his mysterious advisor named Dufaux in the picture, you know things will never be the same… Will you be able to survive this new adventure? ⁠

Season 3:

When your hometown is taken over by a ruthless half-blood king, who will you turn to?

As King Zack continues his violent expansion into the surrounding areas, it’s up to you and your team to find a way to end his tyrannical reign. Your only clue is the name of a man who once defeated the King in battle long ago.

Outcast and desperate for revenge, join your companions on a journey that will take you from bustling cities to derelict ruins, training and growing closer along the way.

When the day of the final battle arrives, will you be ready for it?


More information about the game.

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